Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai Again!

In 13 years there have been 6 blasts in the same city, that is almost 2 per year!! The nation carries on, the city and the nation carries on!

Its all in the spirit of being a Mumbaikar or an Indian or is it callousness or is it acceptance of the fact that every 2 years we must sacrifice a couple hundred innocent citizens? I salute Mumbaikars for all their tenacity to endure the blasts, the floods, the riots with unimaginable courage, patience and a "I will pick up the pieces and go on with my life" attitude. It makes my chest swell with pride, when ordinary citizens take charge of the situation - I read of numerous stories of people offering to give stranded citizens free rides to take them home, people from nearby slums using their only bedsheet as a stretcher to carry the victims to the hospitals, Teenagers lining up hospitals to donate blood!! But then it hits me that these very people who are helping today might be at the receiving end within 2 years.

Our Government has failed its people, I cannot fathom any free world country letting its people die on a regular basis at the hands of the same enemy year after year! My chest would be swelling twice as much if my leader and my Government would take some action.